IGNOU Assignment bca CS-610-TMA January 2007

CS-610: Foundation Course in English for Computing
Semester: I
Assignment Type : TMA
Last date: 15th April, 2007

You have to do two assignments for Foundation Course in English for Computing. The first assignment has two questions. Questions one tests the reading comprehension skills while question two tests grammatical accuracy. Question-1 is of three marks and the marking scheme is indicated against each part. Question 2 is of five marks, each option carrying half mark.

Question 1: Read the following passage and answer the questions given below:

Death of the Dinosaurs

65 million years ago, dinosaurs suddenly became extinct, together with a large number of other species. But why did it happen?

Many scientists believe that the cause was a large asteroid crashing into the Earth. According to this theory, the asteroid threw huge amounts of dust and water vapour into the atmosphere, blocking out the light of the sun, the vegetation died off, and the dinosaurs starved to death.

Evidence for the theory came in 1992 when scientists in Mexico uncovered an underground crater 175 kilometers wide, which turned out to be exactly 65 million years old. The crater was probably caused by an asteroid 10 km in diameter hitting the Earth at thousands of miles an hour, with the force of 70 million one-megaton bombs.

According to David Raup of the University of Chicago, this was just one of many such cases. He says that asteroids have caused more than half of species extinctions since life on Earth began 600 million years ago. If he is right, it seems likely that Homo sapiens will end its days in the same way.

NASA to the Rescue

As we can?t predict when a really big asteroid will arrive, is there really any point in worrying about it? NASA thinks there is. It estimates that there are between 1,000 and 4,000 asteroids at least 1 kilometre in diameter which regularly cross Earth?s orbit. If such an asteroid hits the Earth once every 300,000 years, this gives the average person roughly a one in 4,000 chance of being around when it happens. A small risk, maybe, but much bigger than the risk of dying in an air crash, which is one in 20,000.

NASA aims to set up new telescopes and spend the next 25 years working out which large asteroids are likely to arrive within the next century or two. The idea is that once they?ve identified an asteroid heading straight for us, they can move it out of the way by hitting it with powerful nuclear bombs.

  1. Why did the dionosaurs starve to death? (marks: 1.5 )
  2. What is the evidence given by scientists to support that an asteroid caused mass extinction of plant and animal life?(1 mark)
  3. What does the author say will be the fate of human beings? Why?(1 mark)
  4. NASA thinks that we should be concerned about being hit by an asteroid. Why? (1 mark)
  5. What technology do you think would be used to prevent an asteroid from hitting the earth? (1/2 marks)

Question 2: Rewrite these passive sentences in the active form. Begin with the word (s) given.

  1. The first fax machines were installed in 1988.
    The Firm ______________________________
  2. Further modifications will be made to this service to other customers.
    The suppliers ________________
  3. The systems can easily be operated by ordinary office staff.
    Ordinary office staff _____________________
  4. The new software can be mastered easily in a couple of days.
    You _______________________________________
  5. Increased productivity has been achieved by using better trained staff.
    Using better trained staff ________________________
  6. The invoices are now sent out a week earlier.
    The department _______________________
  7. Better results can only be achieved if you work harder.
    You ______________________
  8. The new note-taking method will be introduced in our office.
    We __________________
  9. You should be warned about the dangers of not co-operating with the personnel manager.
    I ______________
  10. All relevant information about the meeting will be supplied in advance.
    The organizers __________________

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