Question Papers of IGNOU BCA CS66

CS66: Multimedia
Year: 2000 TEE: june Time 2 Full Marks 75
Note: Question No.1is compulsory (30 Marks) and answer any three from the rest

Q.5: Describe how multimedia can be use for following application areas: (a) Multimedia in publishing (b) Multimedia and distributed learning environment (c) Multimedia in medical sciences.

Q.1(i): Compare and contrast the following in the context of Multimedia: (a) CD-ROM and DVD (b) Analog Audio and Digital Audio (c) Analog Video and Digital Video (d) Icon based and time based multimedia authoring software.: [20]

Q.1(ii): What do you mean by animation? Describe two application of animation.: [0]

Q.1(iii: What do you mean by hypertext? Describe applications.: [0]

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