Question Papers of IGNOU BCA CS63

CS63: Introduction to system Software
Year: 2006 TEE: December Time 2 Full Marks 60
Note: Question is compulsory. Answer three from the rest

Q.1(a): Write an algorithm and then draw the flowchart for calculating the sum of the digits of a n digit number.

Q.1(b): What is an semaphore? How is it used to solve mutual exclusion problem? Explain this with the help of an example.: [6]

Q.1(c): Write an shell program to find the greatest common Divisor (GCD) for any tow given numbers. : [5]

Q.1(d): Write unix commands for the following

  • Remove a directory which consists of 10 files.
  • Display total number of users who have logged on UNIX
  • Make a link of a file named test.c in the same working directory
  • Write the contents of 3 files into a single file.
  • Change the permission of a file named test.txt such that only owner may have all the permissins on this file and others will have only read permission.
: [5]

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