Question Papers of IGNOU BCA CS68

CS68: Computer Networks
Year: 2006 TEE: December Time 3 Full Marks 75
Note : There are six questions in this paper. Question no. 1 is Compulsory and carries 30 marks. Attempt any three from the rest.

Q.1(a): List and describe five examples of WAN application you have seen.

Q.1(b): Explain the functioning of 7 layers of OSI model. What is the necessity of using 7 layers concepts in OSI model?: [10]

Q.1(c): How is Selective Repeat better than Go Back N?: [3]

Q.1(d): Differentiate between the following:

  1. Bit rate and Baud rate
  2. IEEE 802.4 and IEEE 802.5
: [4]

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