Question Papers of IGNOU BCA BCS-061

Year: 2006 TEE: December Time 2 Full Marks 60
Question Number 1 is compulsory. Answer any three questions from the rest.

Q.1(a): What is the purpose of layering? How many layers does the TCP/IP Protocol Suit Contain? Explain the function of each layer of TCP/IP Protocol Suit.

Q.1(b): What is the need of IP addresses ? Which format is used to store the IP addresses ? Explain and differentiate different classes of IP address with an example of each.: [10]

Q.1(c): What are the functionalities of primary and secondary DNS servers ? How does the DNS server work ? Explain with the help of suitable example for recursive and iterative solution.: [10]

Q.2(a): What is the Distance vector routing algorithm ? Explain its working with the help of a suitable example.: [5]

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