Question Papers of IGNOU BCA CS611

CS611: Computer Fundamentals and PC Software
Year: 2006 TEE: DECEMBER Time 2 Full Marks 60
Note: There are five questions in this paper. Question No. 1 is Compulsory and carries 30 marks. Attempt any three from the rest.

Q.1(a): Difference between Microcomputers, Minicomputers and Mainframes.

Q.1(b): Draw and explain the basic stucture of a Von-Neumann machine. Also, explain the key features of a Von-Neumann machine.: [8]

Q.1(c): Explain five types of media through which data may be communicated: [10]

Q.1(d): What is a Screen Sever ? How can we protect a Screen Sever using a password ?: [6]

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