Question Papers of IGNOU BCA CS611

CS611: Computer Fundamentals and PC Software
Year: 2001 TEE: june Time 2 Full Marks 60
Note: There are five questions in this paper. Question No. 1 is Compulsory and carries 30 marks. Attempt any three from the rest.

Q.1(a): What are the functional components of a Computer System? What configuration will you suggest for these components? Suggest hardware devices, which you would like to procure with a computer. Justify the suggested configuration and devices.

Q.1(b): Why do you need an operating system in a computer? Which operating system will you suggest for your lab computers? Give reasons of your selection.: [5]

Q.1(c): What are the basic looping construct in a programming language? Write an algorithm for reading one dimensional array and then printing it.: [5]

Q.1(d): What is a protocol? Describe one protocol used for Local Area Networks. Can a specific protocol be linked to only a single topology? Give reason in support of your answer.: [5]

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