Question Papers of IGNOU MCA-NEW MCS011

MCS011: Problem Solving and Programming
Year: 2005 TEE: December Time 3 Full Marks 100
Note: Question 1 is compulsory. Answer any three from the rest.

Q.1(d): Write a program in 'C' to print automorphic numbers. The automorphic number is a number in which the square of the number contains the numbers numbers in the end.
Example: (a) 5,25 (b)6,36

Q.2(a): Design an algorithm and draw corresponding flowchart to find all the prime numbers between two given numbers 'm' and 'n', where m,n>0: [10]

Q.2(b): Design an algorithm and write a program using 'c' to compute transpose of a matrix.: [10]

Q.3(a): Write a program to process the marks for 4 courses in a semester. Each course contains 2 components namely internal assessment and external examination, students need to pass in both the components individually by acquiring at least 40% in oreder to decla: [10]

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