Question Papers of IGNOU MCA-NEW MCS012

MCS012: Computer Organisation and Assembly Language
Year: 2005 TEE: December Time 3 Full Marks 100
Note: Question 1 is compulsory. Answer any three from the rest.

Q.1(a): Perform the following arithmatic operation using 8-bit registers utilising signed 2's complement representation. Indicate the overflow, if any.
(i) 75+53
(ii) (-75)-53
(iii) (-53)-(-13)
(iv) 53+(-13)

Q.1(b): A digital computer has a memory unit of 64 K x 16 and a cache memory of 1 K words. The cache uses direct mapping with a block size of four words.
(i) How many bits are there in the tag, index, block and word fields of the address format?
(ii) How ma: [7]

Q.1(c): What is an assembler? How does a two-pass assembler work?: [3]

Q.1(d): A 36-bit floating point binary number has eight bits plus sign bit for the expoent and 26 bits plus sign bit for mantissa. The mantissa is a normalized fraction. Assume signed magnitude representation for numbers. What are the largest and smallest positiv: [5]

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