Question Papers of IGNOU MCA-NEW MCS021

MCS021: Data and File Structure
Year: 2005 TEE: December Time 3 Full Marks 100
Note: Question 1 is compulsory. Answer any three from the rest. All algorithm shuld be written neerer to 'C' Language.

Q.1(a): Write an algorithm for the addition of two polynomials in one variable.

Q.1(b): Define a stack. Explain the operations that can be performed on a stack. How are multiple stacks implemented using arrays?: [10]

Q.1(c): Define and give an example of a Minimum Cost Spanning Tree. Write at least two differences between Kruskal's Prim's Algorithms.: [10]

Q.1(d): Define a heap. Sort the following numbers using Heap Sort:

2, 3, 81, 64, 4, 25, 36, 16, 9, 49

Clearly write all the steps involved in sorting the numbers.: [10]

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