Question Papers of IGNOU MCA-OLD CS09

CS09: Data Communication and Networks
Year: 1999 TEE: june Time 3 Full Marks 75
Note: Question 1 is compulsory. Answer any three from the rest.

Q.1(iv): In the following figure, frames are generated at node A and sent to node C through B. Determine the minimum transmission rate required between B and c so that the buffers of node B are not flooded, based on the following:

Q.1(v): Using Dijkstra's algorithm, generate a least-cost route to all other nodes for nodes A to K. Do the same for Bellman-Ford algorithm. : [10]

Q.1(vi: Could HDLC be used as a data link control protocol for a LAN? If not, what is missing?: [5]

Q.2: Discuss in detail about the physical description, applications and transmission characteristics of the following: (i) Coaxial table (ii) Microwave (iii) Satellite (iv) Broadcast Radio: [15]

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