Question Papers of IGNOU MCA-OLD CS51

CS51: Operation Research
Year: 1998 TEE: December Time 2 Full Marks 75
Note: There are 6 questions in this paper. Question no. 1 is compulsory and carries 35 marks. From the remaining questions, attempt any two. Each of these carries 20 marks.

Q.2(b): What happens in queuing situation, where each customer is served immediately on arrival? What notation would describe the situation above? What distribution function will correctly describe the steady the steady state probability that there are n custom

Q.3: What is dynamic recursive relation? Describe the general process of backward recursion. Solve the following problem using Dynamic Programming:

Maximise 5X + 9Y Subject to
- X + 5Y < =5X + 3Y <= 27
and X, Y >= 0.: [20]

Q.4: A center for measuring pollution control in personal vehicles, offers a commercial service of pollution measurement, remedial adjustment and issuing of a certificate. A job is defined as all the above activities for one car. Car arrives at the rate of fo: [20]

Q.5: An item sells for Rs.250 per unit and costs Rs. 100 to manufacture. Unsold items can be sold for Rs.40 each. It is assumed that there is no shortage penalty cost besides the lost revenue. The demand is known to be any value between 600 and 1000 items. : [20]

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